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Employment Opportunities

Administrative Supervisor

Specific Job Description:

This position is for the administrative supervisor for the office staff at Lakeview Memorial Park. The Administrative Supervisor reports to the President of the Lakeview Memorial Park Board of Trustees and is responsible for the operation of the administrative organization for Lakeview Memorial Park.

Required Skills

  • Broad based knowledge of cemetery specific administrative tasks
  • Ability to supervise and coordinate the activities of the Lakeview Memorial Park clerical and administrative staff
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office. Web Cemeteries and Quick Books software tools
  • Ability to successfully interact with cemetery customers and provide customers with information of cemetery operations and rules
  • Broad based knowledge of bookkeeping, payroll operations and record keeping
  • Professionalism and maturity to serve as Secretary of the Lakeview Memorial Park Board of Trustees
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of the Lakeview Memorial Park Administrative Staff            
  • Manages the workload and scheduling of the Administrative Staff to support Lakeview Memorial Park operations
  • Develops and implements cross training programs for the administrative staff to ensure continuity of operations
  • Provide performance feedback to the Administrative Staff including annual written performance reviews
  • Manage the invoice process and ensure that invoices are paid and recorded in accordance with Lakeview Memorial Park administrative processes
  • Review all sales contracts and manage the sales contract process steps including assignment of contract numbers, calculating sales commissions, updating assignment of grave locations from sales contracts, and managing inputs to Maintenance & Preservation (M&) account
  • Provide administrative reports to the President of the Lakeview Memorial Park
  • Maintain the accounts payable ledger for customers paying over time for graves, crypts or niches; develop and maintain customer correspondence for payment actions
  • Prepare deeds for customer accounts that are paid in full, record deeds and provide deeds to customers
  • Prepare and submit payroll inputs to the third-party provider of payroll services, verify payroll amounts provided from third -party payroll service and distribute paychecks to field and administrative staff
  • Prepare and submit NJ Sales Tax monthly inputs to the NJ Department of Taxation
  • Provide bookkeeping operations to include posting customers payments, depositing funds, balancing bank statements, writing checks, coordinating with accounting services and preparing Treasurer’s report for the President and Board of Trustees
  • Serve as Secretary to the President and Board of Trustees for regular Board meetings, distribute Board Meeting information, prepare minutes of Board Meetings, record action items and perform other administrative support duties for the Board
  • Other duties as assigned by the President