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Mausoleum by the Lake

Lakeview’s Mausoleum by the Lake

The creation of a mausoleum at Lakeview was a result of the desire of many families in the area for a final resting place in an above the ground entombment.

The advantages of owning a crypt in Lakeview’s Mausoleum by the Lake include:

• A desire for a permanent, above ground, resting place….
• The piece of mind, knowing that a perpetual care fund is established, regulated by the state of New Jersey, ensuring excellent care and upkeep for the years to come….
• An attendant is on premises during all open hours for security purposes as well as assistance to those who visit….
• Alarmed and state of the art electronic surveillance during closed hours….
• Convenient and confidential financial arrangements….
• Religious or Memorial services of your choice may be held in the chapel….
• The Mausoleum is heated in the winter and Air Conditioned in the summer for the convenience and comfort of family and friends who pay tribute or seek remembrance.