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Lakeview Memorial Park has truly become a Cinnaminson (and South Jersey) landmark with its manicured lawns, beautifully tended flower gardens, shrubs and trees … and of course, the delightfully soothing, water fountains. We are an established Memorial Park, located in beautiful South Jersey. Lakeview Memorial Park is a non-profit, non-sectarian cemetery offering traditional in-ground interment sites as well as above ground crypts and niches. We have been serving the South Jersey area and beyond for over 80 years.

The Ivy Bridge, with its bold reflection, offers a place for quiet walks in tree shaded lanes overlooking Mirror Lake. The Masonic Memorial with its commitment to Classic design adds another element of dignity to our Park.

The outdoor, above the ground wall crypts at our “Mausoleum by the Lake”, offers a final resting place in a tranquil setting overlooking 100 acres of beautifully tended flower gardens and landscaped lawns.

Masonic Memorial 
Rising out of a quiet grove of trees, this timeless example of classical architecture stands as a very special Memorial honoring its Members. You’ll also find that the Masonic Memorial is a perfect backdrop for bridal photos … and moments of solitude and reflection.

The Ivy Bridge and Memorial Fountain 
The tinkling sound of cascading water fountain and the rippled reflection of the Ivy Bridge over Mirror Lake, lend a quiet dignity to the gentle solitude of tree shaded walkways and carefully tended shrubs and flowers.

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